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Antonioni, Michelangelo

Born: 1912 AD
Currently alive, at 106 years of age.
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1912 – Michelangelo Antonioni, born on the 29th of September in Ferrara, Emilia Romagna. He is an Italian modernist film director whose films are widely considered as some of the most influential in film aesthetics.

1940 – He went to Rome where he attended specifical studies at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Cinecittà.

1952 – Made "I Vinti" ("The Defeated") is a trio of stories, each set in a different country (France, Italy and England), about juvenile delinquency.

1960 – 1962 – His first international success was L’Avventura, which was followed by La Notte  and L’Eclisse.

1964 – His first color film, Il deserto rosso, deals with similar themes, and is sometimes considered the fourth film of the "trilogy". Actress Monica Vitti appears in all four.

1966 – He signed a three-picture deal with producer Carlo Ponti. Each film had to be in English and was to be released by MGM. The first, Blowup, which was set in England, was a major success.

1970 – The second film, Zabriskie Point, his first film set in America, was much less successful, even though its soundtrack incorporated such popular artists as Pink Floyd (who wrote new music specifically for the film), the Grateful Dead, and the Rolling Stones.

1975 – The third, The Passenger, which starred Jack Nicholson, received critical praise as well.

1982 – Identificazione di una donna (Identification of a Woman), filmed in Italy, deals one more time with the recursive subjects of Italian trilogy.

1985 – He suffered a stroke, but has been able to continue making films, albeit in a limited capacity (he cannot talk).

1995 – Wim Wenders filmed interludes for his Beyond the Clouds, but they were mostly rejected by him at the editing stage.

1996 – He was given an Academy Award for lifetime achievement. It was presented to him by Jack Nicholson.

2004 – Eros, segment "Il filo pericoloso delle cose" ("The Dangerous Thread of Things")- was filmed when he was at his 90s.


2.9 (58.71%) 31 votes