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Antonescu, Ion

Born: 1882 AD
Died: 1946 AD
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1882 – Born on June 15th in Pitesti, Romania. Romanian general and dictator.

1907 – He was sent to French military academies for his education, and upon returning home enlisted in the Romanian army, being commissioned as a lieutenant.

1911 – They sent him to the Romanian military academy, from which he graduated.

1913 – He led his unit in the Second Balkan War against Bulgaria, and his performance resulted in his being awarded Romania’s highest military honors.

1934 – Antonescu was appointed Chief of the General Staff.

         – When World War II broke out, Romania tried to remain neutral, but after its Prime Minister was assassinated by members of the Iron Guard, the government was forced to make a deal with German leader Adolf Hitler, which resulted in the loss of much of the territory Romania won after World War I.

1941 – The remaining Iron Guard forces staged a rebellion against Antonescu, and in a rampage that lasted several days murdered hundreds of Jews. The rebellion was finally put down by Romanian and German troops and the Guard was disbanded.

         – When Hitler invaded Russia in June, Antonescu committed almost one million Romanian soldiers to the invading army.

1944 – The figurehead King Michael, supported by army officers and civilian paramilitaries, seized control of the government and arrested Antonescu.

1946 – Antonescu was handed over to Soviet forces and taken to the Soviet Union for "interrogation", then returned to Romania to be tried as a war criminal, the trial occurring in May.

         – He was executed by a firing squad at a military prison outside Bucharest and died on June 1st in Jilavam Romania.

3 (59.02%) 41 votes