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Born: 3970 AD
Died: 3190 AD
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397 BC – Antipater was born.

342 BC – When the Athenians tried to assume control of the Euboean towns and expel the pro-Macedonian rulers, he sent Macedonian troops to stop them.

337 BC – Antipater was sent as ambassador to Athens to negotiate a peace treaty and return the bones of the Athenians who had fallen in the battle.

336 BC – He aided Alexander in the struggle to secure his succession after Philip’s death.

333 BC – Memnon died during the siege of Mytilene on the isle of Lesbos and the remaining fleet dispersed, after Alexander’s victory at the Battle of Issus.

331 BC – Agis started to besiege the city with his entire army, generating great alarm in Macedon.

330 BC – This helped to create, with Thessalian help and many mercenaries, a force double that of Agis, which Antipater in person led south to confront the Spartans.

323 BC – Alexander suddenly died in Babylon however, Antipater was able to forestall the transfer of power.

1.8 (36%) 5 votes