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Antiochus III

Born: 2420 AD
Died: 1870 AD
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241 BC – Antiochus III the Great was born. 221 BC – Antiochus at last went east, and the rebellion of Molon and Alexander collapsed. 216 BC – Antiochus went north to deal with Achaeus. 213 BC – Antiochus contrived to get possession of the person of Achaeus, but the citadel held out under Achaeus’ widow Laodice and then surrendered. 212 BC – He obliged Xerxes of Armenia to acknowledge his supremacy. 209 BC – Antiochus invaded Parthia, occupied the capital Hecatompylus and pushed forward into Hyrcania. 192 BC – Antiochus invaded Greece with a 10,000 men army, and was elected Aetolians commander in chief. 191 BC – However, the Romans under Manius Acilius Glabrio routed him at Thermopylae and obliged him to withdraw to Asia. 187 BC – Antiochus mounted a fresh expedition to the east in Luristan, where he died in an attempt to rob a temple at Elymaïs, Persia.

1 (20%) 4 votes