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Antiochus II Theos

Born: 2860 AD
Died: 2470 AD
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286 BC – Antiochus II Theos was born. 261 BC – He succeeded his father Antiochus I Soter. 255 BC – In Bactria, his satrap Diodotus also revolted. 246 BC – Antiochus repudiated his wife Laodice and married Ptolemy’s daughter Berenice to seal their treaty, Antiochus had left Berenice and her infant son in Antioch to live again with Laodice in Asia Minor. 238 BC – Arsaces led a revolt of the Parthians against Andragoras, leading to the foundation of the Parthian Empire. 180 BC – Founded the Greco-Bactrian kingdom, which further expanded in India to form the Greco-Indian kingdom

2.7 (54.67%) 15 votes