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Antiochus I Soter

Born: 3240 AD
Died: 2610 AD
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324 BC – He was half Persian, his mother Apama being one of the eastern princesses whom Alexander the Great had given as wives to his generals. 281 BC – On the assassination of his father, the task of holding together the empire was a formidable one, and a revolt in Syria broke out almost immediately. 278 BC – The Gauls broke into Asia Minor, and a victory that Antiochus won over these hordes is said to have been the origin of his title of Soter. 262 BC – Antiochus tried to break the growing power of Pergamum by force of arms, but suffered defeat near Sardis and died soon afterwards. 261 BC – Antiochus died.

2.6 (51.61%) 31 votes