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Ansted, David Thomas

Born: 1814 AD
Died: 1880 AD
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1814 – Born in London on the 5th of February.

1839 – He was educated at Jesus College, Cambridge, and after taking his degree of M.A.

1840 – He was elected professor of geology in King’s College, London.

1844 – He became a fellow of the Royal Society.

         – His other published works include Geology, introductory, descriptive, & practical.

1845 – The Geologist’s Text-Book.

1847 – He was vice-secretary of the Geological Society.

1848 – Syllabus of lectures on mineralogy, geology, and practical geology.

1849 – Dr. Ansted’s Gold-Seekers Manual attempted to improve the prospects of emigrants to the California gold rush.

1850 – An elementary course of geology, mineralogy, and physical geography.

1853 – Ansted was one of the earlier geologists to identify the rich bituminous coal seams which lay in southern West Virginia in the United States, where he invested in land.

         – The Great Stone Book of Nature.

1860 – Dr. Ansted exchanged correspondence with Charles Darwin.

1865 – The applications of geology to the arts and manufactures.

1868 – Dr. Ansted became an Examiner in Physical Geography to the Science and Art Department of King’s College.

1880 – Died at Melton near Woodbridge in Suffolk, England on the 13th of May.

2.3 (45%) 12 votes