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Ansky, Solomon (S. Ansky; An-ski; pseud. of Shloyme Zanul Rappoport)

Born: 1863 AD
Died: 1920 AD, at 57 years of age.

Nationality: Russian
Categories: Authors


1863 - Born in Vitebsk, Russia (now in Belarus). Shloyme-Zanvl ben Aharon HaCohen Rappoport, a Russian Jewish writer and folklorist best known for his play The Dybbuk.

1876 - Started to read militant works of the Hebrew Haskalah/Enlightenment such as Chattot Ne'urim (The Sins of Youth).

1880-1890 - Immersed himself in the Russian revolutionary movement.

1905 - Ansky's inability to leave his Jewish roots came to a climax when friends of his brought him to meet with Zionist youth groups and he reconsidered the writings of secular Jewish writers like I. L. Peretz who wrote about a Jewish nationalism with a modern European sensibility.

1911 - He headed and organized a trip that was to permanently change his life.

1912-1914 - Gathered folklore by recording the songs and stories of the region with the Jewish History-Ethnographic Society, particularly in the Ukraine, where Chassidism had originated.

         - He wrote in the preface to The Jewish Ethnographic Program.

         - He said that chasidic tales and legends were the best possible means of acquainting non-Jews with the aesthetic and ethical dimensions of Jewish culture.

1918 - He immigrated to Poland.

1920 - He wrote his great drama (play), The Dybbuk.

         - Died on November 8th in Warsaw, Poland.


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