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Andrus, Cecil Dale

Born: 1931 AD
Currently alive, at 87 years of age.
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1931 – Born on the 25th of August in Hood River, Oregon.

1952 – Andrus attended Oregon State University.

1951-1955 – Served in the United States Naval Reserves.

1960 – The local Republican state senator’s stance on education, while living in Orofino, Andrus filed as a Democrat to run against him and won.

1962 – He was reelected.

1966 – Andrus ran for Governor of Idaho but finished second in the Democratic primary to Charles Herndon.

1968 – Andrus was reelected to the Idaho State Senate.

1970 – Andrus defeated Samuelson in a gubernatorial election rematch, thanks in large part to his opposition to developing molybdenum mining in central Idaho’s White Cloud Mountains.

1974 – Andrus was overwhelmingly reelected, defeating Republican Lieutenant Governor Jack M. Murphy.

1977 – In January, Andrus resigned as governor to serve as Secretary of the Interior for newly-inaugurated President Jimmy Carter, becoming the first Idahoan to serve in a presidential cabinet.

1979 – Carter demanded the resignations of his entire cabinet; the resignation of Andrus was not accepted.

1981 – Andrus returned to Idaho when Carter’s presidency ended.

1986 – Andrus surprised many by recapturing the Idaho governorship in the election, defeating Republican Lieutenant Governor David H. Leroy.

1990 – Andrus gained national notoriety when he vetoed a strict anti-abortion bill passed by the Idaho Legislature.

1995 – Andrus founded the Andrus Center for Public Policy at Boise State University.

1998 – He published his memoir, Politics Western Style. Cecil D. Andrus Elementary School in Boise is named after him.

2004 – Andrus remains active with the Idaho Democratic Party and continues to campaign on behalf of other Democrats, including Howard Dean during the former Vermont governor’s run for President of the United States.

2006 – Andrus served as campaign treasurer for Idaho Democratic gubernatorial nominee Jerry Brady.

3 (59%) 20 votes