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Andros, Edmund, Sir

Born: 1637 AD
Died: 1714 AD
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1637 – Born in London on the 6th of December.

1660-1662 – He served for a short time in the army of Prince Henry of Nassau, and was gentleman in ordinary to the queen of Bohemia, Elizabeth Stuart, daughter of James I of England.

1672 – He then served against the Dutch, and was commissioned major in what is said to have been the first English regiment armed with the bayonet.

1674 – He became, by the appointment of the Duke of York, governor of New York.

1678 – He was knighted.

1686 – He became governor, with Boston as his capital, of the Dominion of New England,

1690 – Andros was sent to England for trial, but was immediately released without trial.

1692 – He was governor of Virginia, but was recalled through the agency of Commissary James Blair, with whom he quarrelled.

1693-1694 – He was also governor of Maryland.

1704-1706 – He was governor of Guernsey.

1714 – Died in London on the 24th of February  and was buried at St. Anne’s, Soho.


2.4 (48%) 5 votes