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Andropov, Yuri Vladimirovich

Born: 1914 AD
Died: 1984 AD
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1914 – Born on the 15th of June.

1930 – He was educated at the Rybinsk Water Transport Technical College before he joined Komsomol.

1939 – He became a member of the CPSU.

1944 – He was first secretary of the Komsomol in the Soviet Karelo-Finnish Republic.

1951 – He moved to Moscow and joined the party secretariat.

1954 – He became the Soviet Ambassador to Hungary.

1956 – Andropov was one of those responsible for the Soviet decision to invade Hungary during the Hungarian Revolution.

1957 – Andropov returned to Moscow to head the Department for Liaison with Communist and Workers’ Parties in Socialist Countries.

1961 – He was elected full member of the CPSU Central Committee.

1962 – He was promoted to the Secretariat of the CPSU Central Committee.

1967 – He was relieved of his work in the Central Committee apparatus and appointed head of the KGB on recommendation of Mikhail Suslov and subsequently brought into the Politburo as a candidate member; perhaps, for his activity in supporting the regime’s political stagnation and his brutality in repression of dissidents.

1973 – Andropov was promoted to full member of the Politburo.

         – Andropov played the dominant role in the decision about soviet invasion into Afganistan.

1979 – He insisted on the invasion, although expected that the international community will blame the CCCP this action the decision lead to the Soviet war in Afghanistan.

1983 – In August, he entered the Central Clinical Hospital in west Moscow on a permanent basis, where he would spend the remainder of his life.

         – On the 31st of December, Andropov celebrated the new year for the last time.

1984 – Died on the 9th of February.

2.3 (46.67%) 9 votes