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Andreas, Dwayne Orville

Born: 1918 AD
Currently alive, at 100 years of age.
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1918 – Born on the 4th of March in Worthington, Minnesota.

1945 – Andreas joined the commodity firm, eventually becoming a vice president.

1852 – Andreas resigned from Cargill, and continued in the vegetable oil business, eventually as an executive of the Grain Terminal Association.

1971 – Andreas became Chief Executive Officer of ADM.

         – He drew a While not well known to the public, Andreas commands much respect among Washington politicians for his largesse.

1968 – Andreas was charged with illegally contributing $100,000 to Hubert Humphrey’s presidential campaign.

1972 – Andreas unlawfully contributed $25,000 to President Nixon’s re-election campaign via Watergate burglar Bernard Barker.

1990 – He contributed $2.5 million to Florida public broadcasting network WXEL.

1992 – In election, Andreas gave more than $1.4 million in soft money and $345,000 to individual candidates, using multiple donors in his company and family members to circumvent contribution limits.

2004 – Andreas was one of several signatories to a May 20, open letter exhorting President George W. Bush to lift travel and humanitarian aid restrictions on Cuba.

         – Andreas is on the Board of Trustees of The Forum for International Policy.

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