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Andrea, Johann Valentin

Born: 1586 AD
Died: 1654 AD

1586 – Born on the 17th of August, Herrenberg, Württemberg.

1604-1606 – Andreae studied theology and natural sciences.

1612 – He resumed his theological studies in Tübingen.

1614 – He became deacon in Vaihingen an der Enz.

1620 – Priest in Calw.

1639 – He became preacher at the court and councilor in Stuttgart, where he aimed at a fundamental church reform.

1646 – He was made a member of the Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft, where he got the company-nickname der Mürbe.

1650 – He took over the direction of the monasterial school Bebenhausen.

1654 – He became abbot of the evangelical monasterial school of Adelberg.

1654 – Died on the 27th of June in Stuttgart.