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Andrassy, Gyula Jr., Count

Born: 1860 AD
Died: 1929 AD
1.2 (23.33%) 6 votes

1860 – Born on the 30th of June.

1892 – Andrássy became under-secretary in the Wekerle ministry.

1893 – He became minister of education.

1894-1895 – In June, he was appointed minister in attendance on the king, retiring with Wekerle.

1898 – He left the Liberal party, but returned to it again after the fall of the Bánffy ministry.

1905 – He was one of the leaders of the Coalition which brought about the fall of the Liberal Sisza ministry.

1906-1909 – He became Minister of the Interior in the compromise Wekerle cabinet and held that office until the fall of the ministry.

1912 – He represented Austria in the diplomatic endeavor to prevent the outbreak of the Balkan War.

1915 – He urged the making of peace and an extension of the franchise in Hungary.

1918 – He declared the alliance with Germany dissolved and tried to conclude a separate peace.

1920 – He retired from office in the same year, but was returned to the National Assembly as non-partisan delegate.

1929 – Died on the 11th of June.

1.2 (23.33%) 6 votes