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Andrassy, Gyula, Count

Born: 1823 AD
Died: 1890 AD
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1823 – Born in Košice on the 3rd of March.

1846 – He attracted attention by his bitter articles against the government in Kossuth’s paper, the Pesti Hírlap.

1848 – He returned as one of the Radical candidates to the diet, where his generous, impulsive nature made him one of the most thorough-going of the patriots.

1851 – On the 21st of September, he was hanged in effigy by the Austrian government for his share in the Hungarian revolt.

1858 – Andrássy returned home from exile, but his position was very difficult.

1865 – On the 21st of December, he was chosen vice-president of the diet.

1866 – In March, became president of the sub-committee appointed by the parliamentary commission to draw up the Composition between Austria and Hungary, of which the central idea, that of the "Delegations," originated with him.

1867 – On the 17th of February, the king appointed him the first constitutional Hungarian premier.

1870 – Andrássy resolutely defended the neutrality of the Austrian monarchy, and in his speech on the 28th of July, warmly protested against the assumption that it was in the interests of Austria to seek to recover the position she had held in Germany before 1863.

1885 – He warmly supported the project for the reform of the House of Magnates.

1889 – On the 5th of March, in his place in the Upper House spoke against any particularist tampering with the common army.

1890 – Died on the 18th of February, aged 66, was mourned as a national calamity.

2.5 (49.09%) 11 votes