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Anderson, Isabel

Born: 1876 AD
Died: 1948 AD
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1877 – Born as Isabel Weld Perkins in Boston. American heiress and author.

1882 – Isabel had inherited $17 million cash from her grandfather, William Fletcher Weld.

1897 – Larz and Isabel were married in Boston and embarked on a life of luxury combined with public service and adventure.

1909 – She wrote various stories including: King Foxy; The Moon Baby; The Magic Lock; Forest School; Ocean Giant; The Ghost Pony; The Fairy Fleet; The Bold Sea Dwarfs; Whistling Bob and his Wicked Cat; The Maden of Rosyland; The Snow Fairies Ball, etc.

1918 – Isabel received the Croix d Guerre for her nursing service in the Great War.

1948 – When Isabel Anderson passed away, she bequeathed her entire Brookline estate, including mansion, Carriage House, land, and automobiles, to the Town of Brookline.

2.9 (57.89%) 38 votes