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Anand, Viswanathan

Born: 1969 AD
Currently alive, at 49 years of age.
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1969 – Born in December 11th in Chennai. Indian Chess Grandmaster.

1983 – Was the champion in the National Sub Junior Championship and set a new record by scoring 9/9 points.

1984-1985 – Earned the title of International Master at 15, the youngest Asian to achieve this distinction.

1986 – Was the Youngest National Champion at the National ‘A’ Chess Championship.

1987 – First Asian to win the World Junior Title and the first Indian to receive an ELO rating of 2500.

         – Became India’s first Grandmaster and the Youngest Grandmaster in the World at that time.

1989 – A special triumph in beating 2 former World Champions, Mikhail Tal and Boris Spassky.

1992 – Captained the Indian team. Remained unbeaten throughout while playing on the top board.

1996 – Won the prestigious Dortmund Tournament.

1998 – Achieved a career high ELO rating of 2795,just 5 points short of the magical 2800 mark achieved till date only by Garry Kasparov.

2000 – He won the FIDE World Chess Championship on Christmas Eve, to assure himself a place in history and ascend the very summit of the game.

2003 – Became the first player ever, to win 3 unshared titles beating Kramnik’s record of 2 unshared and 2 shared titles.

         – Lived up to his reputation of being the best rapid chess player in the world by beating Vladimir Kramnik 1.5 – 0.5 in the Final.

2006 – Shared honours with Alexander Morozevich. Anand did not lose a single Rapid game and finished a tied second in the Blindfold. Morozevich outplayed Loek van Wely in his final Blindfold top board game, to tie with Anand overall.

3 (59.05%) 21 votes