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Amundsen, Roald Engelbregt Gravning

Born: 1872 AD
Died: 1928 AD
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1872 – Born on July 16th in Borge, Østfold, Norway. Norwegian Arctic and Antarctic explorer.

1895 – After two years as a medical student at Oslo University, he went to sea in a sealer to East Greenland, obtaining his mate’s certificate.

1897 – He joined the Belgian Antarctic Expedition as first mate of Belgica.

1900 – Obtained his master’s certificate and also trained in geomagnetism under the German physicist Georg von Neumayer.

1903 – Sailed the small fishing boat Gjøa with six companions from Baffin Bay westward through the Arctic archipelago of northern Canada, living in close contact with local Inuit. During the first winter, he sledged with dog teams to the North Magnetic Pole.

1905 – Gjøa emerged into the Beaufort Sea, becoming in August the first ship to achieve the Northwest Passage.

1910-1912 – Sailed in Fram from Norway in June, ostensibly for the Arctic, he switched objectives and headed instead for the South Pole on the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition, informing Robert Falcon Scott of his intentions before Scott left New Zealand.

         – He was established at Framheim on the Ross Ice Shelf.

         – Amundsen and four companions reached the South Pole by dog sledge and claimed the South Polar Plateau for Norway. His expedition was a model of foresight, organization and efficiency.

1918 – He put all of his money into the furtherance of his schemes of exploration, returning to the Arctic with his own ship Maud, in which he sailed and drifted along the Siberian coast.

1926 – With Lincoln Ellsworth and General Nobile, he took the Norge  airship from Spitsbergen to Alaska over the North Pole in 72 hours.

1928 – Awarded a Congressional Gold Medal on May 29th.

         – Died from a plane crash on June 18th in Bjørnøya, Svalbard.

         – He was lost with two companions while flying over the Arctic Ocean in search of a missing Italian expedition led by General Nobile.

3.1 (62%) 30 votes