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Amos, Myra Ellen

Born: 1963 AD
Currently alive, at 55 years of age.
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1963 – Born on August 22nd in Newton, North Carolina. American songwriter and musician.

1968 – Exhibiting unusual musical aptitude as a very young child, Tori Amos was invited to attend the Peabody Conservatory of Music of music at the tender age of five.

1980 – She changed her name to Tori. She changed it for a combination of three reasons: after the Torrey Pine Tree, because she was noTORIous for wearing red leather pants while teaching Sunday School, and because an ex-boyfriend said, "You don’t look like an ‘Ellen’, you look more like a ‘Tori’".

1984 – She moved to Los Angeles and formed her first band, releasing the album Y Kant Tori Read.

         – Participated in various pop and hair-metal bands, including "Tess Makes Good" and "Skirts on Fire".

         – Her albums include Y Kant Tori Read, Little Earthquakes, Under the Pink, Boys for Pele, and From the Choirgirl Hotel.

1998 – Married to Mark Hawley on February 22nd.

2002 – Released her new album "Scarlet’s Walk" in October.

2003 – Appeared in the movie Mona Lisa Smile and in Mayor of the Sunset Trip.

2005 – Wrote her memoir, Tori Amos: Piece by Piece with Ann Powers.

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