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Ammann, Jacob

Born: 1644 AD
Died: 1730 AD
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1644 – Born in Erlenbach im Simmental, Canton of Berne, Switzerland. Swiss Mennonite leader of the late 17th century who founded the Mennonite sect known as the Amish.

1693 – Broke away from the main body of Mennonites, feeling that they had strayed from the strict austerity of their forebears.

         – He founded the Amish branch of the Mennonites through a schism which he occasioned in the Emmental, canton of Bern.

1704 – Together with an associate, signed a list of 40 familiar Mennonite names, apparently all the heads of families resident in that location, and a similar list of some 60 names, both lists being required by the authorities.

1710 – Ammann’s followers began emigrating to Pennsylvania from Switzerland and Germany.

1736 – The first Amish settled along the Northkill Creek in Berks County.

3 (59.26%) 27 votes