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Amigoni, Jacopo

Born: 1675 AD
Died: 1752 AD
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1682 – Born in Napoli. Jacopo Amigoni was a Venetian history and portrait painter who worked all over Europe in a more or less international style, the Venetian Rococo, with elements compounded from Sebastiano Ricci and French Rococo, and, later, Tiepolo.

1715 – His international career began, working in countries such as England, France, Bavaria, and Spain.

         – Known for his Rococo style of painting, Amigoni made his living as a portrait painter while also working on large-scale decorative paintings.

1730 – He worked for some years for the Elector of Bavaria and then came to London in 1730, where he painted several decorative cycles and portraits.

1739 – Returned to Venice with a small fortune, and it was he who persuaded Canaletto to visit London.

1747 – He went to Madrid as Court painter and director of the Royal Academy of Saint Fernando.

1752 – He died in Spain.

2.8 (56.67%) 24 votes