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Amherst, William Pitt (Earl Amherst of Arakan)

Born: 1773 AD
Died: 1857 AD, at 84 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Governor General


1773 - Born on January 14th in Bath, Somerset, England. The son of Lieutenant-General William Amherst and nephew and heir to Lord Jeffery Amherst, self-styled first governor general of British North America.

1797 - Amherst inherited the baronial title of his uncle Jeffrey Amherst.

1809-1811 - Served as British envoy at the court of Naples.

1816 - He was sent to Peking, China after serving as British envoy at the court of Naples.

1823-1828 - Appointed as British governor-general of India.

         - He conducted a successful war against the King of Burma.

1835 - He was gazetted governor general of Canada on April 1st on the nomination of British Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel.

         - Played a central role in the acquisition of Asian territory for the British Empire after the First Burmese War.

1857 - Died on March 13th in Knole, Kent.


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