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Amherst, Jeffrey, Baron

Born: 1717 AD
Died: 1797 AD
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1717 – Born on 29 January in Sevenoaks, England. He served on the staff of General Ligonier and then the duke of Cumberland in Germany, and was present at Dettingham and Fontenoy.

1731 – He joined the army at the age of 14.

1758 – He was placed in charge of the expedition that captured Louisbourg, and promoted from Colonel to Major-General.

1759 – Took a force (11,000 men) up the Hudson River, across Lake George, capture Fort Ticonderoga, and then move on to take Montreal. Captured the site of Fort Ticonderoga, where he found the fortifications destroyed by the French, who had abandoned the fort.

1760 – Amherst was able to finally capture Montreal, which surrendered on 8 September, ending French control over Canada.

1761 – Amherst was made governor-general of British North America.

1763 – His final campaign in America was against the Indian chief Pontiac, who feeling threatened by the change of power in Canada led the Ottawa indians into revolt.

1772 – He bacame a member of the privy council.

1776 – He was created Baron Amherst.

1796 – Appointed as a field marshal.

1797 – Died on August 3rd.

2.2 (43.33%) 6 votes