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Amari, Michele

Born: 1806 AD
Died: 1889 AD
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1806 – Born on July 7th in Palermo, Italy. Italian patriot and orientalist.

1820 – He joined the Carbonari like many other young Sicilians and actively sympathized with the revolution.

1822-1834 – Was arrested and condemned to death together with many others, but his sentence was commuted to imprisonment, and was liberated.

1839 – Published a work on the Sicilian Vespers, entitled Un Periodo delle storie Siciliane del XIII. secolo, filled with political allusions reflecting unfavourably on the government.

1842 – He escaped from a boat just as he was about to be arrested and settled in Paris.

1844 – He began his great work La Storia dei Musulmani in Sicilia.

1859 – After the expulsion of the central Italian despots, Amari was appointed professor of Arabic at Pisa and afterwards at Florence.

1864 – He resumed his professorship at Florence and spent the rest of his life in study.

1889 – Died on July 16th in Florence.

2.3 (45.71%) 14 votes