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Alsop, Mary O'Hara

Born: 1885 AD
Died: 1980 AD
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1885 – Mary O’Hara Alsop was born in Cape May Point, New Jersey on the 10th of July.

1905 – She married Kent Kane Parrot and moved to California where she became a screen writer.

1922 – She married for the second time to Helge Sture-Vasa.

1930 – She wrote the book entitled "Let Us Say Grace".

1941 – She wrote the book entitled "My Friend Flicka".

1943 – She wrote the book entitled "Thunderhead".

1946 – She wrote the book entitled "Green Grass of Wyoming".

1947 – She returned to the East and made her home in Monroe, Connecticut.

1952 – She wrote "The Son of Adam Wyngate".

1954 – She wrote an autobiographical work entitled Novel-in-the-Making.

1961 – She performed a folk musical entitled The Catch Colt at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. and at the Lincoln Theatre in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

1963 – She wote "Wyoming Summer" which is based on her diary of sixteen years.

1966 – She wrote a book about writing, composing and producing the musical entitled "A Musical in the Making published by Markane Company, Inc.

1968 – She settled in Chevy, Maryland.

1980 – She died in Chevy, Maryland on the 14th of October.

3.1 (61.67%) 12 votes