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Allaire, Paul Arthur

Born: 1938 AD
Currently alive, at 79 years of age.

1938 – Allaire was born in Worcester, Massachusetts on July 21, 1938.

1966 – Graduated from Carnegie-Mellon and joined the Xerox Corporation as a financial analyst.

1983 – Promoted to senior vice president and chief staff officer of Xerox.

1986 – Elected as president and a member of the board.

1990 – Became chief executive of Xerox Corporation.

1991 – Became chairman of Xerox Corporation.

1994 – Became Emeritus at the FIRST (U.S. First) and served as chairman of the board.

1996 – Became a member of the board of Glaxo SmithKline Beecham and Lucent.

2000 – Became Chairman of the Board of the Ford Foundation.