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Ali Pasa

Born: 1741 AD
Died: 1822 AD
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1741 – He was born in the Albanian town of Tepelene.

1768 – He married the daughter of the wealthy pasha of Delvino.

1787 – He was awarded the pashaluk of Trikala in reward for his support for the sultan’s war against Austria.

1788 – He became pasha or provincial governor of Janina.

1801 – He attempted to rape the mistress of his eldest son.

1803 – He obtained control of the Gulf of Arta and took the ports of Butrinto, Preveza and Vonitsa.

1808 – He captured one of his most renowned opponents, the Greek klepht Katsandonis and was executed in public.

1814 – He switched sides and allied with the United Kingdom.

1820 – He ordered the assassination of a political opponent in Constantinople.

1822 – He was assassinated on January 24, 1822 and sent his head to the Sultan.

2.3 (46.67%) 18 votes