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Algren, Nelson

Born: 1909 AD
Died: 1981 AD
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1909 – Nelson Algren was born in Detroit, Michigan on March 28, 1909.

1912 – He moved with his parents to Chicago, Illinois to live in a working-class.

1931 – Graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor of Science in journalism.

1933 – He wrote his first story entitled "So Help Me".

1935 – He published his first novel entitled Somebody in Boots.

1942 – He published "Never Come Morning" which portrayed the dead-end life of a doomed young criminal.

1949 – He had a torrid affair with Simone de Beauvoir and they travelled to Latin America. He won the first National Book Award with his gritty novel, The Man with the Golden Arm.

1956 – Wrote the novel entitled A Walk on the Wild Side.

1981 – He died in Sag Harbor, New York on May 9, 1981.

2.3 (45%) 4 votes