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Alfonso XII

Born: 1857 AD
Died: 1885 AD
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1857 – Alfonso XII was born in Madrid, Spain on the 28th of November.

1868 – He accompanied Queen Isabella and her husband to Paris, and from there he was sent to Theresianum at Vienna to continue his studies.

1870 – He was recalled to Paris on the 25th  of June.

1874 – He proclaimed himself the sole representative of the Spanish monarchy on the 1st of December.

1875-1885 – He was the King of Spain.

1876 – His abandonment of the struggle.

1878 – Alfonso XII married Princess Maria de las Mercedes on the 23rd of January.

1879 – He married Archduchess Maria Christina of Austria on the 29th of November.

1881 – He refused to sanction the law and summoned Praxedes Mateo Sagasta to form a cabinet.

1885 – He died of tuberculosis in Madrid, Spain on the 25th of November.

2.5 (49.41%) 17 votes