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Alfonso X

Born: 1221 AD
Died: 1284 AD

1221 – Alfonso X was born in Toledo, Spain on the 23rd of November.

1246 – He married Violante of Aragon.

1249 – He married Yolanda of Hungary.

1252 – He became a Spanish monarch and ruled as the King of Galicia, Castile and Leon. He crushed a Muslim revolt.

1254 – He was elected Rex Romanorum. He crushed a revolt by nobles.

1264 – He won with Aragonese help and annexed Murcia.

1272 – He was forced to confirm local privileges by the nobles.

1273 – He founded and granted privileges to the Mesta.

1275 – He went to France to appeal to Pope Gregory X.

1284 – He died in Seville, Spain on the 4th of April.