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Alfieri, Vittorio (Count)

Born: 1749 AD
Died: 1803 AD, at 54 years of age.

Nationality: Italian
Categories: Dramatist, Patriot, Poets


1749 - Vittorio Alfieri was born in Asti, Piedmont on the 16th of January.


1759 - He was placed in the academy of Turin.


1762 - He studied civil and canonical law.


1766 - He departed after having a permission from the king to travel abroad under the care of an English preceptor.


1772 - He returned to Turin.


1773 - He resigned his commission.


1775 - The dialogue that Alfieri wrote was retouched and extended to five acts and was performed in Turin entitled Cleopatra.


1777 - Alfieri met the Countess of Albany.


1782 - He wrote 14 tragedies, poems and political treaties on tyranny in prose.


1783 - He left Rome and travelled through different states of Italy and published six additional tragedies.


1799 - Interrupted his tranquility by the entrance of the Revolutionary armies into Florence.


1803 - He died in Florence on the 8th of October with his last word "Clasp my hand, dear friend, I am dying".


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