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Alexander, Albert Victor (1st Earl Alexander of Hillsborough)

Born: 1885 AD
Died: 1965 AD, at 79 years of age.

Nationality: British
Categories: Politician


1885 - Alexander was born in Weston-super-Mare, England on the 1st of May.


1888 - Entered Barton Hill School at the young age of three.


1898 - He dropped from school to help his family. He worked as apprentice to a leather merchant and after five months, he worked at the Bristol School Board as a junior clerk.


1903 - Worked as a committee clerk at the school Management Department of the newly established local education authority.


1908 - Converted himself to baptist after he married Esther Ellen Chapple on June 6th.


1908 - Elected treasure of Young Liberal Association and became a member of the Weston Co-operative Society.


1909 - Became a member of the local Trades and Labour Council.


1910 - Became a board member of the Weston Co-operative Society.


1916 - Joined the Artist Rifles and trained officers. He was trained in London while studying at Magdalen College in Oxford.


1917 - He was commisioned in the army by December.


1918 - Promoted to captain and appointed as education officer.


1919 - Elected as vice-president of the Weston Co-op Society and was appointed secretary of the Somerset branch of NALGO.


1920 - Elected as Parliamentary Secretary to the Co-operative Congress.


1924 - Appointed by Ramsay Macdonald as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State to the Board of Trade.


1929 - Became a member of the cabinet in the second Labour government after he was beaten by Palmer for the position of General Secretary of the Co-operative Union.


1930 - Elected as the First Lord of the Admiralty.


1935 - After he lost hi seat at the Congress, he became the Co-op's Parliamentary Secretary.


1942 - Took part in the Arctic Convoy.


1946 - Became Minister of Defence and was responsible for formulating the system of National Service.


1947 - He took part in the Gen 75 Committee that secretly authorised Britain's nuclear programme.


1948 - Became Freeman of the City of Sheffield.


1950 - Became Viscount Alexander of Hillsborough, of Hillsborough in the City of Sheffield and was elected as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.


1963-1965 - Became Earl Alexander of Hillsborough. He died on the 11th of January of natural death.


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