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Alekhine, Alexander Alexandrovich

Born: 1892 AD
Died: 1946 AD
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1892 – Alekhine was born in Moscow, Russia on November 1, 1892.

1902 – Had his first chess match on December 3, 1902.

1903-1911 – Won several matches sponsored by Shakhmatnoe Obozrenie chess magazine.

1914 – He was the leading player in the 19th German Chess Federation (DSB) Congress in Mannheim, Germany when World War I broke out. Became a prisoner of war but was later released.

1916 – Joined the Union of Cities Red Cross on the Austrian front.

1918 – Worked at the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department as an examining magistrate.

1920-1921 – Won the Moscow City Championship and the first USSR chess championship in Moscow. Married Sewerin, a Russian baroness. Worked as an interpreter for the Communist International and secretary of the Communist Education Department.

1925 – Published his book entitled The Book of the New York International Chess Tournament. Became a naturalized French citizen.

1927 – Won the title of World Chess champion and published his book entitled My Best Games of Chess.

1933 – Alekhine played thirty-two people blindfold simultaneously in Chicago, the exhibition ended with a result of 19 wins, 9 draw and 4 loses.

1934 – Successfully defended and retained his world title against Bogoljubow.

1935 – Lost the world title to Max Euwe.

1937-1946 – Won the title of World Chess champion. Published his book entitled My Best Games of Chess. He died in Estoril, Portugal on March 24, 1946.

2.5 (50.97%) 31 votes