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Aldrich, Thomas Bailey

Born: 1836 AD
Died: 1907 AD

1836 – Aldrich was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on November 11, 1836.

1852 – Worked at his uncle’s business office in New York.

1855 – Published his compilation of poems entitled The Bells.

1856-1859 – Became a staff at the Home Journal and later became Editor of the New York Illustrated News.

1862 – Published his compilation of poems entitled Judith and Holofernes.

1865-1875 – Became Editor for Ticknor and Fields. Published his novel entitled The Story of a Bad Boy and his compilation of short stories entitled Marjorie Daw and Other People.

1881-1890 – Became Editor of the Atlantic Monthly.

1907 – Died in Boston, Massachussetts on March 19, 1907.