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Born: 4500 AD
Died: 4040 AD
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450 – Alcibiades was born in ancient Athens on 450 BC.

447 – Pericles and Ariphron beame his guardians.

432 – Alcibiades took part in the Battle of Potidaea where Socrates saved his life.

424 – He repaid a service at the Battle of Delium.

416-415 – He was not one of the generals involved in the capture of Melos.

412 – Alcibiades was about to kill by Astiochus but he received warning of this order and defected to the Persian satrap Tissaphernes.

411 – he was recalled by the "intermidiate regime" of the Five Thousand.

410 – He advocated for an aggressive foreign policy and was a prominent proponent of the SIcilian Expedition.

409 – Alcibiades and Thrasyllus began the siege of Chalcedon with about 190 ships. Alcibiades was able to win a small tactical land battle outside of the city gates.

407 – He returned to Athens in the spring of 407 BC.

406 – He set out from Athens with 1500 hoplites and a hundred ships.

404 – He was killed by a shower of arrows in Phrygia.

2.3 (46%) 10 votes