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Alcala Zamora y Torres, Niceto

Born: 1877 AD
Died: 1949 AD

1877 – Niceto Alcala-Zamora y Torres was born in Priego de Cordoba, Spain on July 6, 1877.

1917 – He gained fame for his eloquent interventions in the Congress of Deputies arriving to be Minister of Promotion.

1923 – He was disappointed by the acceptance on the part of King Alfonso XIII on September 13, 1923 and did not collaborate with the new regime.

1930 – Alcala-Zamora declared himself a republican in a meeting on April 13, 1930 in the Apolo theater of Valencia. He took him to prison due to the failure of the military uprising in Aragon.

1931 – He left jail after the municipal elections on April 12, 1931 and put himself at the head of revolutionary provinsial government on April 14, 1931. He was elected as a President on December 10, 1931.

1931-1936 – Served as the first Prime Minister of the Second Spanish Republic.

1936 – Alcala-Zamora dissolved the Cortes to avoid the outcome on January 7, 1936.

1942 – He left France and went to Argentina on January 1942 and lived on money derived from his books, articles and conferences.

1979 – Died in Buenos Aires on February 18, 1949.