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Albuquerque, Alfonso de

Born: 1453 AD
Died: 1515 AD
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1453 – Afonso de Albuquerque was born in Allandra, near Lisbon, Portugal.

1503 – His first expedition to the East and sailed round the Cape of Good Hope to India.

1504 – He returned home and received by King Manuel I of Portugal.

1506 – He sailed to India with Tristan de Cunha to secure the sea route for the Portuguese to monopolize trade with India.

1507 – He arrived on September 25, 1507 and captured the Island of Socotra and the Island of Ormuz at the mouth of the Red Sea on October 10, 1507.

1508 – Arrived at India and immediately made known the commission he had received from the king empowering him to supersede the governor Francisco de Almeida.

1510 – He fought and lost to the Kingdom of Cochin on January 1510. He attacked Goa on March 1510 with the help of an Indian sea captain and with 23 ships. Abandoned the town on August 1510 and returned with the reinforcements on November 1510.

1511 – Albuquerque directed his force against the Sultanate of Malacca.

1512 – He sailed to the coast of Malabar and arrived at Goa on September 1512 where he supressed a serious revolt headed by Idalcan.

1513 – He laid siege to Aden but was repulsed.

1515 – His last warlike undertaking was the second attack upon Ormuz. He died at the sea on December 16, 1515.

2.9 (58.53%) 68 votes