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Albert, Eddie

Born: 1906 AD
Died: 2005 AD
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1906 – Albert was born in Rock Island, Illinois on April 22, 1906.

1912 – At the age of six, he worked as a newspaper boy.

1920 – Attended Central High School and joined the school’s Drama Club.

1924 – Went to study at the University of Minnesota.

1933 – Went to New York City and became a co-host in the popular radio show, The Honeymooners-Grace and Eddie Show.

1936 – Warner Bros. offered a film contract due to his popularity.

1938 – Portrayed Cadet Bing Edwards in the Hollywood version of Brother Rat.

1942 – As a lieutenant in the United States Navy, he was a genuine war hero of the World War II. He was given the Bronze Star Award for his action during the Battle of Tarawa.

1945 – Married María Marguerita Guadalupe Boldao y Castilla O’Donnell, an actress on December 5, 1945.

1950 – Played the role of Lucille Ball’s husband in the movie, The Fuller Brush Girl.

1952 – Portrayed a traveling salesman in the movie, Carrie.

1953 – Nominated to Oscar as Best Supporting Actor for the movie, Roman Holiday.

1965 – Portrayed Oliver Wendell Douglas, a lawyer in the television sitcom Green Acres.

1970 – Played an active role in launching the first Earth Day on Aprill 22, 1970.

1974 – Became a special consultant at the World Hunger Conference which took place in Rome.

1975 – Became Director to the United States Commission on Refugees.

2000 – Albert was positive for having the Alzheimer’s disease.

2005 – Died on May 26, 2006, due to pneumonia.

3.2 (63%) 20 votes