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Alberoni, Giulio

Born: 1664 AD
Died: 1752 AD

1664 – Alberoni was born in Piacenza, Italy on May 30, 1664.

1674 – Became the bellringer and verger in the Cathedral of Piacenza.

1706 – He accompanied the Duke of Parma to Paris.

1711 – Became Secretary of Vendome in Spain.

1713 – Appointed Consul for Parma at Philip’s Court.

1714 – Arranged a marriage between King Philip V and Elisabetta Farnese, daughter of the Duke of Parma. After the marriage, he became Duke and Grandee of Spain and was appointed Bishop of Malaga.

1715 – Became Prime Minister of Spain.

1717 – Appointed Cardinal by Pope Clement XI. As Cardinal, he reduced the powers of the grandees in royal councils, abolished internal custom-houses.

1719 – After implementing his decrees, Spain was in turmoil. On December 5, 1719, he was ordered to leave Spain.

1730 – Clement XII appointed Alberoni as administrator of the hospital of San Lazzaro at Piacenza.

1739 – Clement XII appointed Alberoni as legate of Ravenna where he erected the Porta Alberoni.

1752 – Died on June 26, 1752.