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Akbar the Great

Born: 1542 AD
Died: 1605 AD
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1542 – Akbar was born in Umarkot, Sindh on October 15, 1542.

1545 – Akbar was raised by his uncle Askari and learned how to hunt, run and fight. He never learned how to read and write.

1556 – Succeeded his father on February 14, 1556 at the age of thirteen. On November 5, 1556, his army defeated the superior army of General Hemu at the Second Battle of Panipat. Because Akbar was still young, a regency will rule for him until he reach the ripe age, the regency was given to Bairam Khan.

1561 – At the age of nineteen, Akbar assumed complete control over his empire.

1562-1601 – Akbar expanded his empire by conquering Malwa, Gujarat, Bengal, Kabul, Kashmir and Kandesh. Each conquered province is governed by a governor under his authority. He abolished the Jizyah, a discriminatory tax on non-Muslims. He gave strict orders to stop extortion by tax collectors. Introduced a new faith called "Din-i-llahi (Faith of the Divine)" and passed decrees regarding child marriage and sati. Eventhough Akbar was illiterate, he took interest in the study of philosophy, theology, history, and politics. He built a library that is full of books and was fond of scholars who debated and exchange ideas while Akbar is listening.

1605 – Died on October 27, 1605 and his body was interned in a magnificent mausoleum at Sikandra, near Agra.

3.3 (65.66%) 99 votes