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Ailey, Alvin Jr.

Born: 1931 AD
Died: 1989 AD
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1931 – Ailey was born 5th of January in Rogers, Texas.

1945 – Attended the dance classes held by choreoghrapher Katherine Dunham and took dancing lessons under Lester Horton while studying in college.

1953 – When Horton died, Ailey became the director and resident choreographer for the Lester Horton Dance Theater. He was able to choreographed three original dances for Horton’s company namely: "Creation of the World", "According to St. Francis", and "Mourning Morning".

1954 – Made his Broadway debut in Truman Capote’s "House of Flowers".

1958 – Founded The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater which features african-american dancers.

1964 – Directed the Langston Hughes’s Jericho-Jim Crow.

1979 – Received the Spingarin Medal of the NACCP award.

1989 – Died 1st of December at the age of 57 after acquiring AIDS.

3.4 (68.95%) 38 votes