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Aiken, Howard Hathaway

Born: 1900 AD
Died: 1973 AD, at 73 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Computer Scientist


1900 - Born on the 8th of March in Hoboken, New Jersey.

1939 - He studied at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and later obtained his Ph.D. in physics at Harvard University.

       - He encountered differential equations that he could only solve numerically.

       - He envisioned an electro-mechanical computing device that could do much of the tedious work for him.

1947 - He completed his work on the Harvard Mark II computer.

       - He continued his work on the Mark III and the Harvard Mark IV.

       - He was inspired by Charles Babbage's Difference Engine and was supposed to have said.

1970 - He received IEEE's Edison Medal 'For a meritorious career of pioneering contributions to the development and application of large-scale digital computers and important contributions to education in the digital computer field.

1973 - He died on the 14th of March in St. Louis, Missouri.


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