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Aidid, Mohammed Farah

Born: 1934 AD
Died: 1996 AD
2.6 (51.22%) 41 votes

1934 – Born on the 15th of December in  Mudug Region,  Somalia.

1950 – He was educated in Rome and Moscow and served in the Italian colonial police

1977 – He rose in the military of Mohamed Siad Barre to the rank of general.

       – He also served in the Barre’s government in several capacities; in the
         end as intelligence chief.

       – He served the government under President Barre and was suspected of planning
         a coup d’etat against him.

       – He was imprisoned for six years.

1991 – He overthrow Barre and assumed leadership of the United Somali Congress, with
         the help of his clan.

1992 – He hindered international U.N. peacekeeping forces.

1993 – His military officials was captured by the combined force of the United States
            Army Rangers and Delta Force.

1995 – He became president of Somalia for a short period after forcing UN forces to
            abandon the country.

1996 – He died on the 2nd of August as a result of gunshot wounds.

2.6 (51.22%) 41 votes