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Aho, Esko Tapani

Born: 1954 AD
Currently alive, at 64 years of age.
2.8 (55.71%) 28 votes

1954 – Born on the 20th of May in Veteli, Finland.

1983 – He was a member of the Finnish eduskunta (parliament).

1990 – He was the chairman of the Centre Party. – His government faced the deep economic depression.

1991 – He was prime minister of conservative government.

       – He was best known for leading Finland into the European Union.

2000 – He lost the bid for President of Finland to Tarja Halonen.

2003 – He left parliament and retired from daily politics.

       – He serves as the president of the Sitra, the Finnish National Fund for Research and Development.

2.8 (55.71%) 28 votes