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Aguirre Cerda, Pedro

Born: 1879 AD
Died: 1941 AD, at 62 years of age.

Nationality: Chilean
Categories: Presidents


1879 - Born on the 6th of February in Los Andes, Chile.

1900 - He finished his university studies in Santiago, at the Pedagogic Institute and became a teacher of Spanish.

1904 - He became a lawyer.

1910 - He studied administrative and financial law at La Sorbonne, plus political economy and social legislation at the College de France.

1914 - He returned to Chile and took a position as a teacher at the National Institute and became president of the National Society of Teachers.

       - He was also the first dean of the new school of economy of the Universidad de Chile.

1938 - He was the candidate of the Popular Front, and narrowly defeated conservative candidate Gustavo Ross.

      - He was elected and assumed as president on 25th of December under the slogan "Gobernar es educar".

1939 - He created the Production Development Corporation to encourage with subsidies and direct investments an ambitious program of important substitution industrialization.

1941 - He appointed his minister of the Interior, Jeronimo Mendez as vice-president due to his rapidly escalating illness.

       - He died on the 25th of November in Santiago, Chile due to tuberculosis.


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