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Agricola, Gnaeus Julius

Born: 4007 AD
Died: 9308 AD

40 – Agricola was born in the colony of France on July 13, 40.

50 – Studied in Marseille and showed no interest in the study of philosophy.

58-62 – Became a military tribune.

62 – Married Domitia Decidiana, a woman of noble birth upon his return in Rome.

64 – Appointed to the quaestorship under Salvius Titianus.

70 – Appointed to command the Legio XX Valeria Victrix at Britain by Emperor Vespasian.

71 – Displayed his talents as a commander in battle against the Brigantes.

75 – Became a patrician and was appointed Governor of Gallia Aquitania.

77 – Recalled to Rome and was appointed as suffect consul.

78 – Appointed to the College of Pontiffs.