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Agricola, Georgius

Born: 1494 AD
Died: 1555 AD

1494 – Agricola was born in Glauchau, Saxony on March 24, 1494.

1514 – Appointed Rector extraordinarius of Greek at Great School of Zwickau, at the age of twenty.

1516 – Studied at Leipzig where he devoted his time to study medicine, physics and chemistry.

1524-1526 – Went to Italy where pursued his doctor’s degree.

1527 – Became town physician of Joachimsthal.

1530 – Published his dialogue "Bermannus, sive de re metallica dialogus", apponited as historiographer with an annual allowance by Prince Maurice of Saxony.

1543 – Published his main historical work "Dominatores Saxonici a prima origine ad hanc aetatem".

1546 – Appointed Burgermeister of Chemnitz, he was consulted on matters regarding mining engineering.

1555 – Died in Chemnitz on November 21, 1555.

1556 – De Re Metallica Libri XII written in 1550 was published, it is a complete and systematic treatise on mining and metallurgy.