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Afonso V

Born: 1432 AD
Died: 1481 AD
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1432 – Afonso V was born in Sintra on January 15, 1432.

1438 – His father, Duarte of Portugal died, at a young age of six years old he succeeded his father. He was placed under the regency of his mother but it created conlict between the nobles. After sometime, the Cortes decided to replace the queen with Pedro, Duke of Coimbra, the young king’s oldest uncle.

1442 – Afonso V became the first Duke of Braganza.

1445 – Married Isabel of Coimbra, daughter of Peter to secure his position as regent.

1448 – Afonso V now old enough became king, nullified all the laws and edicts approved under the regency. Declared the Duke of Coimbra a rebel and at the battle of Alfarrobeira, both his uncle and father-in-law was killed.

1481 – Died in Sintra on August 28, 1481.

2.2 (43.64%) 11 votes