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Born: 3890 AD
Died: 3140 AD
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389 – Aeschines was born in Athens.

348 – Entered politics and played a role to rouse the Peloponnese.

347 – Became a member of the peace embassy to Philip.

346 – He was charge of high treason, he fought back by claiming that his accuser is forfeited to speak before the people. He was acquitted with the case of treason.

343 – He was again accused by Demosthenes in his speech and replied in a speech which was use against him, again he was acquitted.

339 – Became an Athenian Deputy in the Amphictyonic Council, made a speech that started the Sacred War.Became famous as a orator is attributed to his three speeches: "Against Timarchus," "On the Embassy," and "Against Ctesiphon".

2.8 (56.3%) 27 votes