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Adrian VI

Born: 1459 AD
Died: 1523 AD
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1459 – Born on the 2nd of March in the city of Utrecht, Netherlands.

1491 – He pursued philosophy, theology and Canon Law, with a scholarship granted by Margaret,
           Duchess of Burgundy, becoming a Doctor of Theology.
        – He became dean of St. Peter’s and vice-chancellor of the university.

1507 – He was appointed tutor to the seven-year-old Charles, grandson of the Emperor Maximilian I.

1515 – He was sent to Spain on a diplomatic errand.

1516 – Commissioned him Inquisitor General of Aragon on the 14th of November.

1518 – He was appointed as a General of the Reunited Inquisitions of Castile and Aragon on the 14th
           of March.

1522 – He was elected as Pope by an almost unanimous vote on the 9th of January.

         – He leaves the Rome to assume his pontificate on the 4th of August .   

         – He left for Italy at the earliest possible time and made his solemn entry into Rome on
            29th and he was crowned in St. Peter’s Basilica on the 31st of August.

1523 – He was forced openly to ally himself with the Empire, England, Venice, etc., against France.

         – He died on the 14th of September at the age of 64.

2.7 (54.17%) 24 votes